Our Staff

About Us

We are Critical Care Newborn Services (“CCNS”), a neonatal private practice located at the NICU at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center in Lafayette, La. We are contracted by Ochsner LGMC to provide the care of sick babies. Our neonatal transport team transports babies from the Acadiana region to our NICU in need of higher level of NICU care.


Critical Care Newborn Services was established in 2006 by Dr. David DeIulio when he began as a solo doctor with neonatal nurse practitioner support (“NNP”). He built the unit and established practice guidelines and strategies to help the unit improve quality and outcome using a national data-based collection system (Vermont Oxford Network).

What Makes Us Special

Critical Care Newborn Services NICU is now one of the highest performing quality units in the state of Louisiana and United States.

Our babies have the lowest rates in Louisiana and the United States of chronic lung disease (needing oxygen beyond 36 weeks of age), surgery for intestinal problems, infections, and death and/or serious complications.

We are proud to serve the Lafayette and Acadiana region and are always striving for excellence and compassion in the care of the sickest newborns.